Welcome to The Dodds Art Gallery

Dodds gallery at green with envyThe Dodds Art Gallery, now situated in the calming environment of the Green With Envy nursery and restaurant, offers a beautifully lit and airy art gallery in Vause road just a stones through away from the Musgrave Shopping Centre. The gallery aims to showcase excellent works of art by inspirational South African artists, specializing in originals of current top SA artists and old masters. Works by 63 artists are always on display. They will source any art you require.

Flying man bronze sculptureThe Dodds Art Gallery has a new exhibition every six weeks and aims to bring to Durban, renowned artists who have never had solo exhibitions before. Thereby educating the public and themselves. This “Art Oasis” features artists like Errol Boyley, Anton Benzon, Charmaine Eastment, Christiaan Nice, Frans Clarehout, Di Erasmus, Garbriel De Jong, Lienkie Lombard, Munro, Carla Bosch, Bea and many more. Owned and run by Michelle Dodds who has been dealing with South African art for the past 14 years they continue to please the public by there excellent displays of rather amazing South African art .

The Gallery is open weekdays 9.00am to 4.00pm and Saturdays 9.00am to 12.00pm.

We offer professional advice to the discerning art lover, give free evaluations of works by known and established South African Artists, and by South African Masters.

We also do framing and restoration of paintings.